Honest T's

Here at Scuff and Scarper we feel that any company worth its salt no matter how large or small, should have a sustainability policy and promise. So here’s ours:

We’ve kept this as simple as possible:

1. Our print process

Each and every one of our awesome T's are printed to order using only natural inks. No dodgy chemicals (i.e. harmful to humans or the environment) are included in the print process and absolutely NO animal by-products go into the making of our garments. All waste ink is disposed of responsibly.


2. Suppliers and our supply chain

It’s important to us that we’re not just using any old tshirt for our prints, that wouldn’t sit right with us at all. We only use suppliers that have their own proven sustainability charters and processes, ensure that fair working practices are adhered to, there is no child labour in their factories and factories are using green energy wherever possible.

Our suppliers are:

  • Continental Clothing
  • Bella and Canvas
  • Stanley/Stella

Continental Clothing supply 75% of our clothing products. Many of their garments are Earth Positive which means they are produced using only renewable green energy from wind and solar power.


Continental and Stanley/Stella are both members of Fair Wear. Fair Wear work with brands and industry influencers to improve working conditions  where their clothing is made. www.fairwear.org

Here are some useful links to each of our supplier’s policies:













3. Organic or Not?

Over half of our clothing products are made using organic cotton, we are looking to increase this percentage to 100% by 2020. All our organic garments can be easily found on our website as Organic is featured in the description of the product.


4. Packaging

We are very pleased to be able to confirm that from March 2019 we are switching from poly bags to paper mail bags. Not only are they super sturdy and weatherproof they are: 

💚 Manufactured from responsible, sustainable sources 

💚 Comply with FSC® certification

💚  100% Compostable and Degradable

From March 2019 all our packaging will be 100% recyclable, compostable and degradable.

Plastic waste has been a hot topic since David Attenborough’s shocking message about the impact of single use plastics in the final episode of Planet Earth II. The fashion industry is already reacting, with paper bags now being used in many high street stores. But single use plastics have remained prolific with online retailers.

We believe it’s time for change and as a fashion brand it’s our responsibility to set an example in the industry.


5. Good Advice

We advise on all our product descriptions to wash our T’s on a 30 degree wash, not only does this help the environment by saving energy but it also cares for your Tshirt too.


6. Spreading the Love

Periodically we will launch Tshirts that will support specific charities of our choice. £5 for the sale of each of these Tshirts will go to these charities. More info can be found in our Word Up! Blog.

We will report on sales and donation figures on this page every 6 months.

This policy will be periodically updated as we review our progress and implement new ideas.
We are passionate about our environment, ensuring a fair deal for the guys and gals that make our Tshirts, and making sure we are doing the best we can for both. If you would like to discuss this subject and have any suggestions for us please drop us a line at studio@scuffandscarper.com.


Peace Out x

(Updated February 2019)