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If you have had a chance to have a good nose around on our website you may have found our Honest Tees page (here’s the link). As we are passionate about doing things the right way and always looking to be more sustainable we feel it was something worth getting out there! So ta-dah! Here’s our Honest Tee’s Blog! 💚

So what do we mean by Honest Tees?

Have you ever wondered where your clothes are made? What conditions the workers are having to work in? Did they get paid well? How come something is so cheap? - you should!

We do not believe in fast fashion! We believe that clothes should last for a reasonable time, wash after wash! Take care of your tees and they will last you, they certainly shouldn’t be thrown out after a couple of wears which seems to be a concerning trend of late. Quality over Quantity – think Marie Kondo!

In a nutshell, we believe in trading fairly, offering decent quality tees proudly made by skilled workers who earn a good wage in safe environment.

We feel every brand worth its salt no matter how large or small should know and understand their supply chain, know where their products are made and ensure that it’s kept to the highest standards.

Here’s some of the things we do to support our Honest Tees promise:


1, Our print processes

Each and every one of our awesome T's are printed to order using only natural inks. No dodgy chemicals (i.e. harmful to humans or the environment) are included in the print process and absolutely NO animal by-products go into the making of our garments. Plus, all waste ink is disposed of responsibly.


2. Suppliers and our supply chain

This is a biggie! If you wonder why that brand is selling their clothes at ridiculously cheap prices – there’s probably a very sad reason for this… plus those clothes will probably be made from poor materials and will not last you – it’s a ridiculously false economy! 

It’s important to us that we’re not just using any old tshirt for our prints, that wouldn’t sit right with us at all! We only use suppliers that have their own proven sustainability charters and processes, ensure that fair and safe working practices are adhered to, there is no child labour in their factories and factories are using green / renewable energy wherever possible.








We are very proud that 85% of our products are Fair Wear products. This standard is provided to our suppliers who are part of The Fair Wear Foundation. The Foundation works with brands, suppliers and industry influencers to improve working conditions where their clothing is made, for more info check out: www.fairwear.org

The basis of the collaboration between Fair Wear Foundation and it's member is the Code of Labour Practices:

Many of our garments are also Earth Positive which means they are produced using only renewable green energy from wind and solar power. These tees are organic, ethical and climate neutral.


 3. Organic Materials


Over half of our products are made using organic cotton, we are looking to increase this percentage to 80% by 2020. Our organic garments can be easily found on our website as Organic is featured in the description of the product.

Tencel® and Modal® are biodegradable and made from eucalyptus or beech tree pulp. Eucalyptus is known for being a fast-growing wood that does not require irrigation. The Tencel manufacturing process has received the “European Award for the Environment” from the European Union due to its low emissions.





4. Good Advice

To keep our tees looking great for as long as possible we advise on all our product descriptions to wash our T’s on a 30 degree wash, not only does this help the environment by saving energy but it also cares for your Tshirt too 😉


5. Packaging

We are very pleased to be able to confirm that from March 2019 we switched from recycled poly bags to paper mail bags. Not only are they super sturdy and weatherproof they are: 

💚 Manufactured from responsible, sustainable sources 

💚 Comply with FSC® certification

💚  100% Compostable and Degradable

All our packaging is 100% recyclable, compostable and degradable. 

Plastic waste has been a hot topic since David Attenborough’s shocking message about the impact of single use plastics in the final episode of Planet Earth II. The fashion industry is already reacting, with paper bags now being used in many high street stores. But single use plastics have remained prolific with online retailers which we think is unacceptable.

We believe it’s time for change and as a fashion brand it’s our responsibility to set an example in the industry. 


Peace Out ✌💚

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